Custom build: The Wrench!!


  • Body construction: 1 piece cedar body with Tzalam back, Automotive paint with nitro back.
  • Neck: oiled rubbed smooth finish, Cool dark vibe with no fret markers on the board, dual action truss rod, 42mm Nut, Medium C profile, Medium jumbo frets, 14” fingerboard radius.
  • Pickups: Lollar regal set.
  • Midi strip control for Korg KP3 Kaoss Pad
  • Babygrand bridge
  • Custom switch plate and knobs
  • Integrated Killswitch pot
  • Custom Knurled head industrial tuners
  • Custom aluminum backplates


Thanks to Stetsbar & UK Madison & 5th!

Thanks to Stetsbar & UK top gear distributor Madison & 5th!


A beautiful custom build from Hysteria Guitars.

“Silver Flame . . . . . I came up with the idea to inlay a handmade aluminum flame throughout the guitar body. It will need a bold warrior to embrace it and use that inspiration to create amazing music.”

Hysteria Guitars




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